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Children's Disability Network Team

Children's Disability Network Services

With the roll out of Progressing Disability Services a Children's Disability Team (CDNT) is assigned to look after the clinical needs of the pupils in our school. The CDNT may include a Physiotherapist, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist and Social Worker. A Dietician and Paediatrician work alongside this team.

In order for a pupil to access support and input from a member of the CDNT, a referral needs to be made by Parents, Teachers, Class Nurse, School Principal, Paediatrician or a member of the CDNT. There is a CDNT Manager who meets with the team to discuss all referrals, prioritise and determine whether they are for one specific clinician to address or for a number of clinicians to address together (i.e. an Inter-disciplinary approach).

Teachers, nurses and members of the CDNT work closely together to ensure that relevant information is shared and that the expertise of all professionals involved is coordinated in the best interests of pupils. This ensures that education and health care plans are integrated for pupils both at home and in school and that these plans are assessed and reviewed on a regular basis.

Parents may request to meet some members of the CDNT at their child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) / Learning Profile meeting early in the school year. In the case that parents have any particular concerns, they are encouraged to make direct contact with the CDNT team by contacting them using the details below.

Coastal Children’s Disability Network Team

St Michael’s House Baldoyle,
College Street,
Dublin 13,
D13 W827

01 839 8356

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