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The school staff is currently comprised of the Principal, 10 teachers, 31 SNAs, 5 nurses, 2 secretaries, 12 Bus Escorts and 1 cleaner. One of the teachers also holds the position of Deputy Principal. The teachers, SNAs, Secretaries, bus escorts and the cleaner are employees of the Board of Management (BOM) and salaries are paid by the Department of Education and Skills (DES). The duties of the teachers and SNAs are drawn up by the BOM in line with DES guidelines.

The nurses who work in the school are employees of St. Michael’s House. Clinicians and therapists who work with the students in the school are also employed by St. Michael’s House. Staff who work at St. Michael’s House Baldoyle also play an important part in supporting the smooth running of the school e.g. kitchen, canteen, laundry and maintenance staff and lifeguard.

21 2019
Family Fun Day
We had the most amazing and magical week with Anna Newell's "Sing me to the Sea" water-based sensory performance in our school. Please see attached for further information and a link to a YouTube clip
Huge gratitude to the volunteers from Groupon and St. Paul's College
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